About Us

Morningstar Holdings, LLC dba Safeguard Capital Partners, working with local turn-key real estate partners, offers private mortgage and trust deed lending opportunities in Missouri, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Ohio and Illinois.

Morningstar is owned and operated by Robert Hubbard, Founder of Safeguard IRA & 401(k) Advisors a dba of IRA Wealth, LLC (www.IRA123.com). Mr. Hubbard’s career spans more than 30 years as a Corporate Executive for an international healthcare company, a Small Business Entrepreneur and a Consultant for international clients.

Mr. Hubbard has held Real Estate & Mortgage Broker’s licenses, and has been a Real Estate investor throughout his career. A former U.S. Army Captain and Aviator, he holds commercial pilot licenses for both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.