A Joint Venture Partnership

Morningstar Holdings, LLC dba Safeguard Capital Partners, is owned by Robert Hubbard, Founder of Safeguard IRA & 401(k) Advisors a dba of IRA Wealth, LLC (www.IRA123.com). Mr. Hubbard’s career spans more than 30 years as a Corporate Executive for an international healthcare company, a Small Business Entrepreneur and a Consultant for international clients. He has held Real Estate & Mortgage Broker’s licenses, and has been a Real Estate investor throughout his career. A former U.S. Army Captain and Aviator, Mr. Hubbard holds commercial pilot licenses for helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and hot air balloons.

JADEE, LLC is owned by Jay Hinrichs. He holds Real Estate and Mortgage Banker licenses and has been engaged in private lending for more than 25 years. Mr. Hinrichs consults with turn-key real estate partners who provide private mortgage and trust deed lending opportunities.

Together, Mr. Hubbard, Mr. Hinrichs and trusted turn-key partners have formed a joint venture consultancy to offer clients opportunities in Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi and other select areas of the Southeastern U.S.